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8 practice areas to help tackle the files piled on desk corners in corner offices

Meadowbank Strategic Partners is the corporate consultancy of Nick Kuzyk, MBA. Originally founded in 2006 and re-launched in 2020, Meadowbank exists to help senior executives and company boards tackle the important and valuable work not getting done due to a lack of time, energy and/or human capital. The firm also offers the C-Suite the option of having work on confidential opportunities done discretely by an external party.


About Nick Kuzyk

Upon earning an HBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the UWO in 2002, Nick moved to Calgary to become a Business Analyst with Basek Holdings Inc., a private investment company. With Basek, Mr. Kuzyk worked with start-up entities to analyze and refine business plans, help raise capital, and also screen investment opportunities.

In 2004, Nick worked at Overlord Financial Inc. (which became Aston Hill Financial), a firm founded by income trust inventor Marcel Tremblay. There, Mr. Kuzyk assisted the firm and its subsidiaries with financial modeling, equity analysis and investor relations. From 2006-2007, Mr. Kuzyk operated his own consultancy, Meadowbank Strategic Partners Inc., which served the clients named herein, among others.

In 2008, Mr. Kuzyk earned his MBA (Ivey) and graduated on the Dean’s List. During the program, Mr. Kuzyk co-organized a class trip to spend a day with Warren Buffett in Omaha, NB. Afterwards, Mr. Kuzyk accepted the role of Sr. Business Development Associate with Kinder Morgan Canada Terminals. At KMCT, Mr. Kuzyk expanded his expertise in financial modeling with a focus on midstream asset acquisitions, due diligence and business development.

In 2012, Mr. Kuzyk accepted the role of Senior Financial Lead in the Competitive Process group of the Alberta Electric System Operator, where he helped structure its first public-private-partnership for critical transmission infrastructure. Then after joining Keyera (TSX:KEY) in 2013 and working in Corporate Development on acquisitions and divestitures until late 2014, Nick worked as the company's Manager of Investor Relations until 2018.

From 2018 to 2020, Nick was the Chief Strategy Officer & SVP Capital Markets at High Tide Inc. (CSE:HITI), a leading cannabis retailer that he helped take public and grow through a series of financings and acquisitions. In mid-2020, Nick re-opened his consultancy (Meadowbank) to assist corporate clients in the areas of BD, Finance, IR, M&A, Strategy and more.

In his personal time, Mr. Kuzyk enjoys playing golf and his travels span 47 countries. In the community, he serves on the board of the Oneball Charitable Cancer Organization and is the Treasurer of the Alberta chapter of the Canadian Investor Relations Institute.

Mission Statement

To create enduring value for clients through the firm’s practice areas, while operating with integrity and a focus on great service.

Firm Vision

To become indispensable to a diverse portfolio of excellent clients around the world, with the mutual benefit of ongoing learning and growth over time.

Five Core Values

A Clear Conscience - Be Equitable To Sleep Soundly
Benevolence - Care, Give and Be Happy
Effort - Work Hard and Always Try
The Golden Rule - Treat Clients As You'd Like To Be Treated
Optimism - Have A Predisposition To Saying Yes

Practice Areas

Meadowbank's areas of expertise are integral to all types and sizes of clients

— from small start-ups to large enterprises —

with solutions that deliver lasting improvements with measurable results.

Business Development

Exploration and pursuit of opportunities with new and existing customers, capital allocation for projects or strategic analysis of adjacent business lines.

Capital Markets

Advisory services with respect to sourcing capital, pricing and issuing securities and stock exchange listings.

Corporate Finance

Financial planning, forecasting and capital budgeting to optimize the performance and financial health of a business in the context of the current market conditions.

Due Diligence

In-depth data room reviews, assistance with transaction negotiation and complementary research conducted to maximize the outcome of business opportunities.


Structuring and support for corporate boards to best represent the interests of stakeholders, in the context of ESG-based market trends.

Investor Relations

A core expertise in all areas of external communications with current and prospective investors, bankers, research analysts, lawyers and regulators, with further consideration given to Community Investment, Government Stakeholder Management and Media Relations.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Financial analysis, valuation and scenario modeling for asset-driven or share-based transactions to acquire, combine or divest of interests.


A foundational understanding of corporate strategy -- from low-cost competitiveness to heightened differentiation -- updated for nuances from the evolving economy.


Sample Engagements

Below are a few examples of the work that Meadowbank has been engaged to perform for its clients.

Client 1 - National Retailer (Public) - Calgary

Meadowbank was primarily engaged to provide a broad set of investor relations services; quantitative analysis and advisory services for debt restructuring; and assistance with the renegotiation of an asset-based transaction.

Client 2 - Cloud Kitchen Operator (Public) - Taipei/Vancouver

The firm was hired to develop a comprehensive investor relations program, complete with a budget funded by an interim capital raise, as the client prepared to and then listed its rapidly growing, international business on the public markets.

Client 3 - Extractor/Processor (Public) - Kelowna/Toronto

Based on a combination of limited internal resources and a high level of strategic importance assigned to the opportunity, Meadowbank was secured by this client to analyze, structure and launch a new business line offering white-label products for customers in an adjacent area of the value chain.

Client 4 - Advanced Composite Materials Corp. (Public) - New York

The firm was engaged to manage, administer and advance the client's investor relations program over an extended period of time, as well as to provide advisory services in the areas of capital markets and corporate development.

Client 5 - Regional Retailer (Private) - Ontario

Meadowbank was engaged to create a gross margin enhancement program by analyzing both company and industry data, structuring a dynamic service offering and delivering a pitch deck for use by the client's sales personnel, as well as to provide other corporate development-related consulting services.

Client 6 - Extractor/Processor (Private) - Vancouver

 To address and evaluate high growth opportunities for the client, Meadowbank was secured to assist with its sales and marketing strategy and executive leadership, as well as to provide general capital fundraising support.

Client 7 - Licensed Producer (Public) - Vancouver

In parallel with a change in leadership and a new competitive strategy, Meadowbank was hired to manage and advance the client's investor relations program and provide corporate governance advisory services to the Chief Executive Officer.

Client 8 - Clinic Aggregator (Public) - Vancouver

 The firm was engaged to establish, maintain and grow the client’s investor relations program as it embarked on an aggressive growth strategy, as well as to assist in providing capital markets and general corporate development advisory services.

Client 9 - Blue Economy VC Platform (Public) – Vancouver

Meadowbank was engaged to quarterback and oversee the company’s investor relations program as it embarked on becoming public issuer, as well as to advise on capital markets issues and provide general corporate development support, as required.

Client 10 - Helium ExploreCo (Public) – Calgary

Secured to originate and execute the company’s investor relations program, Meadowbank prepared the company for becoming a public issuer and put a robust yet appropriate program in place.

Client 11 - Cultured Food VC Platform (Soon to be Public) – Vancouver

Meadowbank was hired to quarterback the issuer's investor relations program as it prepared to become a public issuer, as well as to provide capital markets advisory services and corporate development support.

Client 12 - Regional Cannabis Retailer (Public) – Vancouver

 The firm was retained to provide investor relations advisory services to help the established public entity optimize its program, establish benchmarks to measure the effectiveness of service providers and otherwise modernize its external communications.

Client 13 - Supplement Producer (Public) – Los Angeles

 The consultancy was engaged to help evolve the company’s investor relations program as a new public issuer with a dual-class share structure, as well as to provide capital markets and corporate development advisory services.

Client 14 - Law Firm (Private) – Toronto

 Meadowbank has been engaged on multiple occasions to perform news release writing as well as due diligence and acquisition analysis for various clients of the law firm.


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