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Capital Markets Advisory Services

Capital Markets Advice and Corporate Finance Help for Businesses and Corporations

There are multiple ways that a company can find the capital to run its business. One of these ways is by maneuvering capital markets to their advantage. Here at Meadowbank, the firm provides capital markets advisory services to clients in order to help ensure that they have a steady inflow of liquid capital for their daily operations. Issuing securities, buying back shares, splitting or consolidating stock, selling equity or even issuing straight debt or hybrid units are some of the options that CEOs face when deciding how to finance their companies. Having an understanding of the markets is crucial in making sure that this process is done in your best interest. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks and the firm is here to help make sure that your chosen funding strategy is right for your company.

The firm also provides corporate finance help. Once you have found the capital needed to run your business, it is time to make sure that it is optimally allocated or rationed. A company's financial plan, operating budget and corporate model are some of the first aspects that potential investors will evaluate as part of their due diligence process. Therefore, senior management must be transparent, with a sound financial structure, in order to best serve investors. This can all be done while keeping an eye on current market conditions, both in your specific sector and across the economy as a whole. This ensures that we, as a team, can find a place to keep capital safe to prepare for industry downturns and, conversely, make investments in research and development during bull markets.

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